Unique GPS-based auto-steering solutions that helps
Turf Managers get things done fast and with precision


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    Significant Time Saver

    No off-loading of equipment as our product is attached to the vehicle and ready to go. Designs are stored for later retrieval making handing over of marking tasks quick and easy.

    Operator Environment

    Dry ‘indoor’ environment ensures same efficiency regardless of the weather conditions. An uninterrupted work flow and automatic path control give the operator a less strenuous work day. Better ergonomics for material handling – less heavy lifting of equipment.

    High Quality Markings

    High-precision GPS technology that provides RTK precision – down to sub-inch accuracy. Straighter lines and the highest possible quality in initial line marking.

    SportsTraq is the first in a series of new unique GPS-based auto-steering solutions from Traqnology. It is specifically designed to handle line marking of sports fields in a new and user-friendly way.
    Attractive Investment

    Can be mounted on most existing vehicles. It uses reliable components through a downloadable app on an Apple iPad. Resulting in a higher efficiency in the use of paint.

    Organizational Flexibility

    Save time by combining multiple tasks into one. Reducing your crew of people and getting more accomplished. Cut the grass, and proceed to line marking with the same equipment. Move three times faster than current line marking options.

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      What We Do

      SportsTraq is the first product providing a highly flexible solution with intuitive, reliable, and straightforward line-marking of sports fields.

      We aim to become a full line supplier for contractors, municipalities and selected OEMs. With an intuitive user interface and a selected range of high-quality components, we provide the entire solution. We have vast experience and invaluable know-how within auto-steering and control system development. We work with international partners and adapt our solutions to local factors. We believe in long-term relationships.

      Our Vision

      Traqnology is showing the way for innovative, efficient and flexible GPS-based auto-steering and line marking solutions. We are raising the standards for precision line marking with a user-centric approach, optimizing workflow and investment costs.


      New Field and Design

      Easily key in information about a new line marking – you choose the sport, the size, and the way you want to design your field.

      Field Design A-B

      Create a new field from right where you are by selecting the outer boundary line, giving the equipment a starting point and direction. You can measure distances, and select the direction you want to go. The field can then be adjusted in length and width.


      Field Design – Satellite Map

      Prepare for the season ahead by marking up all your football fields using a Satellite photo as starting point.  

      Field Design From Fixed Posts

      Here you can mark your fixed posts in soccer so the lines will fit the placement of your posts even if they are not placed exactly where they should be.

      Field Design – Aligned

      You can easily place your fields on a map, copy, slide and rotate your fields so you are sure they are aligned in the way you want it.

      Over Marking

      We have designed a user friendly  interface for over marking in cooperation with actual users, so all you need is 2-3 taps on the screen and you can start working.

      History and Planning

      In “Field Designs” you can plan which field designs you want to be active in “automatic help to selection of nearest field”. You can look up line marking and fields by different criteria and edit the information. This is relevant for planning a day’s work or invoicing and statistics.

      Documentation and Backup

      Every time a field is marked, the data for who did what, where and when is stored, so invoicing and correct documentation is in place. All information is stored on a central server so you can retrieve it should your iPad break down.

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